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No.003 Baragwanathia
Rarity Rarity1.pngRarity1.pngRarity1.pngRarity2.png
Vitality D Fertility SS
Evolution S Adaptation SS
Trophic LV C Size C
A plant that grows on land. As Callunia and Cyclomedusa proliferated throughout the sea, this species began to adapt to life on land.
Height icon.png Height Land
Temp land icon.png Birth Temp. 36°C ~ 46°C
Temp land icon.png Adaptation Temp. 26°C ~ 63°C
Moisture icon.png Birth Moisture 12% ~ 88%

Baragwanathia is one of the organisms in Happy Birthdays.

Ancestor: Callunia
Descendant: Prototaxites, Sciadophyton
Mutation: Asteroxylon

First Episode Available: The Cube is born

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