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No.010 Dinorthis
Rarity  Rarity1.png
Vitality D Fertility SS
Evolution A Adaptation C
Trophic LV B Size D
Dinorthis is a brachiopod that lives with Callunia and Elrathia in very hot shallows.
Height icon.png Height Shallows
Temp icon.png Birth Temp. 39°C ~ 49°C
Temp icon.png Adaptation Temp. 27°C ~ 59°C

Dinorthis is one of the organisms in Happy Birthdays.

Ancestor: Phacops
Descendants: A. borealis, Ophiuroid
Mutation: Pachynorthis

First Episode Available: The Cube is born

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite being after Phacops in the library view, you don't need it to get it, only Elrathia is needed.
No.009 Velopikaia Organisms No.011 Pachynorthis