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No.001 Stromatolite
Rarity Rarity1.png
Vitality D Fertility SS
Evolution B Adaptation SS
Trophic LV D Size C
An algae native to very hot shallows. Utilizes photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. They emerge when the Broth of Life is used on the primordial, Zooplankton-filled sea.
Height icon.png Height Shallows
Temp icon.png Birth Temp. 38°C ~ 53°C
Temp icon.png Adaptation Temp. -2°C ~ 68°C

Stromatolite is one of the organisms in Happy Birthdays and is the first organism to be born in the game.

Evolution Descendant: Callunia

First Episode Available: The Cube is born

No.292 Emberiza Pallasi Organisms No.002 Callunia