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No.009 Velopikaia
Rarity  Rarity1.pngRarity1.pngRarity1.pngRarity2.pngRarity2.png
Vitality D Fertility A
Evolution D Adaptation A
Trophic LV B Size D
A Pikaia that swims in both hot and deep seas due to a sudden mutation. It appears where Anomalocaris can be found.
Height icon.png Height Sea
Temp icon.png Birth Temp. 49°C ~ 59°C
Temp icon.png Adaptation Temp. 37°C ~ 67°C

Velopikaia is one of the organisms in Happy Birthdays.

Needed for Birth: Anomalocaris
Mutated from: Pikaia

First Episode Available: The Cube is born

No.008 Pikaia Organisms No.010 Dinorthis